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Floyd Gibbs

Owner/Certified Master Inspector/Home Inspection Instructor

Floyd is the founder and co-owner of Quality Home Inspections. He established Quality Home in 1999, after he decided to sell his construction business and focus on helping families that are buying and selling homes. His extensive resume includes, but is not limited to, being a Certified Master Inspector, State licensed inspector for Residential homes, New Residential Construction, Commercial properties Inspector, and Certified trainer of Home Inspections in Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, West Virginia, Arkansas, and Kentucky. Floyd is an instructor for Inspection Certification Associates throughout the US, providing in depth training to individuals who want to become a home inspector. In addition, he also provides continuing education and field training to inspectors as well as provides continuing education to real estate agents, home inspectors and contractors. As a Class “A” contractor in Virginia, his extensive knowledge in construction is invaluable to the inspection process. He is often an expert witness and consultant for the court systems in multiple states and municipalities.

Floyd has propelled Quality Home Inspections to the top family owned and operated home inspection company in Southeastern Virginia and the Carolinas. Throughout his career he has performed over 21,000 inspections and personally trains all of our companies’ team of inspectors. Regardless of who is assigned to your inspection, you can rest assured you will be treated with the same level of customer satisfaction and knowledge that Floyd provides with his experience. His experience in state of the art housing technologies, building materials, indoor air quality, commercial buildings and other specialty inspections are just a fraction of what makes him the best in this field.

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Sandra Gibbs

Owner/ CEO, Trainer

Sandra is the co-owner and the CEO of Quality Home Inspections. She has 20 years’ experience as a former lending officer and Assistant Vice President of a financial institution in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Her knowledge in the lending arena allows her to understand the complexities of a home purchase, timeline constraints and the importance of a home inspection in relation to the process.

In addition to her responsibilities within Quality Home Inspections, she is also the co-founder/co-owner of F & S Educational Services and Home Inspector Advanced Technology Training (H.I.A.T.T.) where she performs field training and continued education for home inspectors. Sandra’s passion for the home inspection industry allows her to be a top trainer for F & S Educational Services, H.I.A.T.T. and Inspection Certification Associates. She shares her knowledge in the areas of marketing, business strategies, classroom training and field training to ensure the students gain the skills they need to succeed. She also plays an active role in staff development within Quality Home Inspections expanding the knowledge of the inspectors, as well as the office support staff, to ensure they are kept abreast of the ever-changing industry. The training she provides to our staff helps to ensure we maintain the highest level of knowledge and expertise for our clients expect.

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Clint Laney

Chief Operations Officer, Trainer and Home inspector

With vast experience in the industry, Clint has inspected thousands of homes across multiple states, earning a reputation as one of the most thorough and knowledgeable inspectors in the business.

Clint’s attention to detail is second to none. He leaves no stone unturned, meticulously examining every aspect of a home to identify any potential issues or safety hazards. His keen eye for detail allows him to spot even the smallest of problems that other inspectors might miss.

In addition to his technical expertise, Clint is also an excellent communicator. He takes the time to explain his findings in plain language, making sure that his clients understand the scope of any issues and their potential impact on the home. He is always happy to answer questions and provide additional information to help his clients make informed decisions.

Clint’s professionalism, expertise, and exceptional customer service have earned him a loyal following of clients who trust him to provide honest, unbiased assessments of their homes. Whether you’re buying or selling a property, Clint is the perfect inspector to help you make sure that your investment is safe, secure, and sound.
When quality counts, count on Quality Home Inspections!

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Lori Topping Bailey

Chief Administrator Officer

Lori is the lead report processor for Quality Home Inspections. She has taken numerous home inspection courses; which provides her the additional knowledge to provide informative and consistent reports. With over 20 years of customer service, data entry skills and her experience in the industry, Lori is able to utilize those skills to provide our clients with the most detailed home inspection report whether they are on-site for the inspection or not.


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Melody Griffey

Marketing Director

Melody joined Quality Home Inspections in 2018 as the Marketing Director. She is an Alumni of Old Dominion University where she received her BS degree. Melody works closely with our staff to bring our clients valuable information to help them understand various components of their home. She provides daily and weekly tips on social media platforms so followers can better understand aspects of their home and get answers to questions they may have. Melody also works closely with the scheduling department to confirm appointments as well as supports the staff and administration of Quality Home Inspections to ensure the best customer experience possible. She is always willing to answer customer inquiries through our website, social media, and emails to provide expedited responses to our customers.


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Gene Deitz


Gene started with Quality Home Inspections through our apprentice program under the tutelage of Floyd Gibbs. He has an extensive background in construction with a focus on both structural integrity and integrated home systems.

Gene enjoys educating his clients about their perspective home and is happy to answer any questions. His attention to detail is unparalleled and has made him one of the most sought-after inspectors in Hampton Roads.


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April Hamilton


April Hamilton joined Quality Home Inspections in 2021. She came to us with 20 years of experience with the United States Air Force and has a background in inspecting aircraft. This knowledge enhances her ability to perform residential and specialty inspections with her attention to detail. She obtained her certification through Inspection Certification Associates and has completed extensive training with HIATT under the supervision of Clint Laney. April continues to expand her knowledge and is certified in Pools, Commercial Inspections, and Mold inspections just to name a few. Her passion for the industry and her clients makes her an excellent choice to perform your inspections. She is happy to spend the time to explain your new home to you and make you feel comfortable with one of your most important decisions of your life.


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Pete Pappas


Pete works with Quality Home Inspections performing residential, specialty, and commercial inspections. He is a licensed home inspector in NC, SC and VA specializing in New Residential Construction, Radon and Mold. With over 20 years of experience in residential and commercial repairs, he has a wealth of knowledge to assist you with all aspects of your home. In addition to inspecting, he also assists inspectors with field training in NC and VA. Pete is a native of Charlotte, NC and has family ties to the Hampton Roads area of VA. When Pete finishes with your inspection, you will know everything about your new home! He loves educating his clients about their new home and is always willing to answer any of your questions.


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Doug Clark


Doug Clark joined Quality Home Inspections in 2016 as a licensed home inspector. He relocated to Florida, continued his inspection career, and has returned to Virginia to continue to help families with one of their most important purchases in their life.

As a Certified Master Inspector who is multi-state licensed, he brings a vast amount of knowledge and expertise to your inspection. Doug’s background in construction, various mechanical trades and renovations makes him a well-rounded inspector. Coming from generations of carpentry and various trades all his life and being around custom workmanship makes his attention to detail unmatched. You can rest assured that every aspect of your home will be thoroughly evaluated inside and out. Doug always encourages his clients to walk around with him and ask questions, his passion is educating clients on their new home.

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Sharon “Nikki” Seely

Report Writer

Sharon works with Quality Home Inspections in the office and also is efficient at preparing inspection reports. She has a strong background in customer service and scheduling. In her dual role, she is uniquely able to both handle your office needs and answer many of your inspection report questions.